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Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 25 Days 18 Hours ago by: Anonymous

I believe it is similar to all other sexual orientations in the sense that it cannot be chosen or changed at will by the respective individual. In contrast to most other sexual orientations it is not possible to act on the desire (outside

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 25 Days 19 Hours ago by: Anonymous

This was not my meaning, I was talking in general (replying to anonymous, if you will). Maybe should have made myself more clear. My general feedback on your answer is: 1) you have your realities mixed up. The internet and the physical w

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 28 Days 20 Hours ago by: Anonymous

I said no such thing. That may be so, but others such as the "antifa bike lock professor" Eric Clanton do otherwise.

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