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Qubes OS ipv6 tip


Posted: 13 Days 3 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Qubes OS ipv6 tip Part of the ipv6 is derived from ipv4 using hex. If your ipv4 comm is: 32 a conversion to hex looks like a.89.4.14 and a.8a.0.16 ipv6 EUI64 same4all::a89:414 128 same4all::a8a:16 (notice that l

Fingerprint Bench-Marking


Posted: 27 Days 1 Hour ago by: Anonymous

No fools on i2p This technique was used by "dial-up" banking in the 1990's among other entities including some sophisticated BBS. It was later adopted by some anonymous networks for the trusted nodes. I mean no insults or allegations th

Etherape Obfuscated Machine


Posted: 28 Days 20 Hours ago by: Anonymous

i2p java, tribler, muwire AppImage. The ipv6 is between 2:45 and 3:00 It looks better with an additional i2pd but this is good enough. You can always add a few other encrypted networks. 2GB RAM nothing fancy. Kids try this at home! -----

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