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Re: Outdated Binaries i2p+ i2psvc Daemon (thread)


Posted: 4 Days 22 Hours ago by: Marco Moock

You need to restart the software that uses that.

Outdated Binaries i2p+ i2psvc Daemon


Posted: 5 Days 5 Hours ago by: Anonymous

amnesia @ session #2: i2psvc[5233] Every time I install or update Kaisen Linux I get the above message. I2P: 2.1.0-0+ API: 0.9.57 Wrapper: 3.5.44  Built by: dr|z3d Platform: Linux amd64 6.0.0-1kaisen-amd64 Processor: c

How 2 Use a GUIX Pack in Linux


Posted: 13 Days 23 Hours ago by: Anonymous

GUIX packs are made to hide from your distribution that you are using a specific package. Don't allow maintainers to poison your software! http://tracker2.postman.i2p/index.php?view=TorrentDetail&idh496 1. Create a directory entitled Ope

Re: GUIX i2pd 2.44 problems/YGG (thread)


Posted: 20 Days 2 Hours ago by: Anonymous

http://tracker2.postman.i2p/index.php?view=TorrentDetail&idh389 Safe enough now... Please give me a hand testing this one with Linux Only. You don't have to be root to run it.

i2pd 2.45 github Downloads


Posted: 26 Days 18 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Tried github i2pd downloads 6 times before a "good one" and I still got some poison somewhere. I'm getting injected by San Fracisco ip Try using scurl: curl --tlsv1.3 --proto =https --location --remote-name https://github

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